X-Sec Antivirus Released!

X-Sec Antivirus Release Note


  • Local digital signature database
  • Heuristic Engine for phishing pdf


  • Improve scan speed
  • Optimize script identification logic
  • Optimize codes


  • Minor bug in version


  • X-Sec CommandLine Scanner updated to
  • X-Sec Antivirus Updater updated to
  • XSec_CS.dll updated to
  • XSec_FI.dll updated to
  • XSec_HE.dll updated to
  • XSec_STK.dll updated to

Users must update to this version otherwise you will no longer use Cloud Engine.

Common types of Trojan

  • Downloader: Download other malwares
  • Dropper: Drop other malwares
  • Injector: Inject its code into other process(the injected process usually not malicious), let the injected process do something evil
  • InfoStealer: Steal users’ privacy infomation, such as card number, username & password, cookies, etc
  • Ransomware: Encrypt users’ personal files, then ask for some money to decrypt.[How to avoid ransomware infected your computer?]