How to avoid ransomware infected your computer

Recently, ransomware become one of the most popular threats all over the world, it will encrypt your personal data and ask for some money(usually use Bitcoin). Although the master key of TeslaCrypt has become public and many antivirus vendors have created related decryptor, there are still lots of ransomwares which can not be decrypted.

Here are some tips to avoid ransomware infected your computer & encrypt your personal data.

  • Do not open any attachments inside Email which is from unknown source, Email is still the most used method to spread ransomware.
  • Always keeping your operating system & security software up to date.
  • Always keeping your browser & Adobe Flash Player up to date, some ransomware used exploits of browsers & Adobe Flash Player to infect your computer.
  • Regularly backing up your personal data, it can minimize losses after your computer infected by ransomware accidentally.