X-Sec Malware Scanner Released!

X-Sec Malware Scanner Release Note

Now you can view scanned file count during scan

Optimize scan speed
Optimize X-Sec Cloud Engine

Update to this version may spend a bit long time cause it will update embedded .NET Core Runtime, if you can’t wait(about 150Mb content), you can just download full package, unpack it, overwrite any duplicated files.

X-Sec Malware Scanner Released!

X-Sec Malware Scanner Release Note

Brand new user interface
Add Rising Antivirus Engine
Add Rising Cloud Engine

Remove multi-task feature
Remove X-Sec Antivirus Engine’s local signature database
Rewrite X-Sec Antivirus Engine

Bugs in X-Sec Antivirus Engine

From this version, we removed Cloud Scan API which X-Sec Antivirus uses
We recommend you uninstall X-Sec Antivirus before install X-Sec Malware Scanner
As for Beta Tester, please do clean install for this version, DO NOT overwrite beta version

X-Sec Malware Scanner Beta5 Released!

Just now we released X-Sec Malware Scanner Beta5

But to test this beta version, you need to register an account at our forum, and send a request to admin who is online, tell us why do you want to join our beta test. If we accepted, you will be able to browse our “Beta Test Zone” on our forum to find if any new beta version released and join the test.

Make sure you have enabled your private message, sometimes we will ask more questions.

If you encounter any problem on registering, plz feel free to contact us or just leave a comment.

Part of changes

  • Fix bugs related with scan