X-Sec Antivirus Beta2 Released!

Just now we released X-Sec Antivirus Beta2!

But to test this beta version, you need to register an account at our forum, and send a request to admin who is online, tell us why do you want to join our beta test. If we accepted, you will be able to browse our “Beta Test Zone” on our forum to find if any new beta version released and join the test.

If you encounter any problem on registering, plz feel free to contact us or just leave comment.

Part of changelog


  • Now you can click “Pack Selected” on the scan result window to pack all the selected files(packed file will show on desktop), much easier to report false positive files


  • Now X-Sec Antivirus can scan more types of file
  • Low down false positive rate of Script Heuristic Engine
  • Quick Scan now includes desktop path


  • Scan Priority configuration does not take effect after restart program
  • Minor bug fixes