How to identify phishing site

Phishing site is one of the most popular threats for Internet users. We should not only rely on our security products, it’s very easy to create a new phishing site with few changes on the source codes which hackers already had.

So, it’s time to identify phishing site by ourselves!

  • Domain: We recommend you remember some common domains(Google, Paypal, Apple, etc), before you login & pay, check its domain first!
    • Google Accounts:
    • Google Docs:
    • Paypal:
    • Apple ID:
    • iCloud:
  • HTTPS: Most of the login/pay pages use HTTPS to secure data-transfer(like the URL I mentioned above, URL begins with “https://”), don’t forget to check it![But now, some of phishing site also uses HTTPS, do not rely on it too much :-)]
  • Content: In some of phishing sites, its image quality is much lower than official site. And its content also has some spell error.
  • Link: Most of the phishing sites don’t maintain all of the links inside its page(usually copy from official site), or just link to itself, it’s also a good way to identify phishing site.